Professional Carpet Cleaning Rangiora

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Having a clean carpet is important for both households and businesses in Rangiora, and using the services of a professional carpet cleaner like Amazing Carpet Clean can have several benefits such as healthier environment, prolongs carpet life, improved appearance, eliminates germs and bacteria and saves time and effort.

Overall, using the services of a professional carpet cleaner like Amazing Carpet Clean can provide several benefits for both households and businesses in Rangiora, making it a worthwhile investment for maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment.

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How Does Our Carpet Steam Cleaning in Rangiora Work?

Let’s take a closer look at our carpet cleaning solutions now. As a starting point, Professional Carpet Cleaning Rolleston follows well-designed procedures and proven industry-standard practices. As a result, you can be confident that the results will be to your satisfaction.

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About Professional Carpet Cleaning Rangiora


Hot water extraction method

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine is highly efficient. We rinse your carpeted areas with hot water and a cleaning solution. Under high pressure, the mixture is injected into the fibre to agitate dirt and stains. Afterward, the dissolved dirt and grime are extracted (up to 95%). 


Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning depends on the type and fibre of the rug. Rug inspection, pH testing, vacuuming, and initial pre-treatment of stubborn stains are all included.  A rug cleaning detergent or grooming may be needed after oriental, Persian, shag, and silk rugs have been cleaned.


Scotchgard protection

Especially with kids around, spills and food drops happen all the time. We offer solutions to prevent such accidents from staining your carpet. With our stain-repellent option, you will be able to avoid stubborn stains for at least six months.