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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In Riccarton

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Top Carpet Cleaning Services in Riccarton offers the following services:

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Spot dyeing and stain removal services
  • Treatments for pet odours and urine
  • Cleaning and protection for fabric sofas
  • Leather protection and cleaning
  • Water harm
  • Cleaning up after allergens

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8 Ross Terrace, Lyttelton 8082, New Zealand
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Best Riccarton carpet cleaning

Best Riccarton Carpet Steam Cleaning

With 25 years of carpet cleaning experience, equipment, and procedures, Amazing Carpet Cleaning can provide your premises in Riccarton with best carpet cleaning services.

Carpets can be steam cleaned in a variety of ways. Typically, steam carpet cleaning is a multi-stage process, where a cleaner brings a portable machine to your house, similar to the one you can rent from a hardware store or supermarket.

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More About Best Riccarton Carpet Cleaner


Carpet steam cleaning process

A biodegradable cleaning solution is pre-sprayed on the carpet, A floor polisher and pad/brush are used to scrub the carpet, agitating the cleaning solution through the fibres. Then we treat any lingering stains and spots,During the carpet steam cleaning procedure, deodorizer is added, The carpet has just been vacuumed and steam cleaned.


Stages of our carpet dry cleaning service

An upright vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpet. A pre-spray of a biodegradable encapsulation solution is applied to the carpet, stains and blemishes are removed, The carpet is dried off. To reset the pile, we rake the carpet.


Advantages of Amazing Carpet Cleaning in Riccarton for customers

We can use two different methods of carpet cleaning methods in Christchurch – steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Both work successfully when done correctly. If you clean your carpets regularly, consider alternately cleaning your carpets with the two systems. Drying time can be very quick (normally 1 hour).