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Best Carpet Cleaning Sydenham

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Providing carpet protection and cleaning in Sydenham to residential and commercial properties alike, Carpet Cleaning Sydenham will leave you with clean, dry carpets.

There comes a time when all carpets become dirty. Despite the large number of DIY carpet cleaning machines on the market, not all of them are effective in the long run. Despite the fact that some companies use harsh chemicals to clean, most dirt and grime can be removed with eco-friendly solutions.

To make sure that everyone is safe, we only use environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products. Allergy patients may suffer from allergies caused by mould, bacteria, and dust mites in our hygienic systems.

It is our goal to deliver quality services that you can count on and have built a reputation in the cleaning industry. We have cleaners ready to help you clean your carpets as part of a bond refund claim, or as part of a spring clean.

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8 Ross Terrace, Lyttelton 8082, New Zealand
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Leading Carpet Cleaning Sydenham

Service Provided By Top Performing Carpet Cleaning Sydenham

We have highly trained and experienced technicians at Carpet Cleaning Sydenham. Our cleaning professionals are certified to offer effective, long-lasting results. All contractors are insured to make sure you’re protected. Get to know why we’re the best cleaning company in Sydenham. If you are looking for an amazing carpet cleaning, contact us.

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Top Sydenham Carpet Cleaning Process

Below is a guide to some of the processes and step we take at Amazing Carpet Cleaning. Please note some processes may incur additional charges in residential homes and not all of them are available to residents. Talk to us about your needs and the costs.


Pre-Inspection & Move Furniture

During our consultation, we’ll visually inspect the carpet, identify stains, and summarize the results. We will move furniture as needed.



It is important to pre-vacuum carpets so that excess soil and debris are removed. The fibres of the carpet are also opened up as a result of this.


Spot Clean and Stain Treatment

Treatment of stained areas requires specially formulated solutions.


Rotary Agitation and Steam Clean

Preparation for steam cleaning involves loosening soil with a rotary brush.


Deodorise, Sanitise and Condition

It kills mould, bacteria, and odours while keeping your floors smelling fresh.



In the final step of the process, carpet grooming is carried out. A faster drying time is also achieved by resetting the pile.


Final Inspection

In order to ensure that you are happy with the results, the technician will walk through the rooms with you. Our satisfaction guarantee stands by us.